The Healing Annex is a brand new meeting space located right next door to our main facility. There we offer sober support to our clients and all people in recovery. There are meetings available seven days a week. The Healing Annex is host to 12-step meetings of all kinds (AA, NA, OA, CA, Al-Anon, SLAA), but also provides support to people who are looking for recovery from addiction outside of 12-step programs. The Healing Annex is happy to host SMART Recovery and Moderation Management meetings, as well. There are many ways to enhance life while getting sober. Above and Beyond has Art Therapy sessions as well as REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) groups to assist in getting to the bottom of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that can keep recovering people stuck in their addictions. It’s well known that people in recovery are “not a glum lot,” and there is plenty of opportunity for fellowship and events to supplement sobriety at the Healing Annex. We look forward to being a space to host your recovery dance, open mic, workshop or speak-a-thon.

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