JD (Office Manager and Accountant)

Alejandro Figueroa is the Office Manager at Above and Beyond. He is also a licensed attorney and accountant pursuing his Certified Public Accountant license. Figueroa graduated with honors from Northern Illinois University College of Law, where he worked as a teacher's assistant for two years and lectured on Federal Civil Procedure and Property. Following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Figueroa is a fourth generation attorney in a line of federal judges, government attorneys, and private practitioners. Prior to joining Above and Beyond, Figueroa focused his practice on Civil Litigation, Corporate Law, and Landlord/Tenant.

Before his private practice, Figueroa worked for an organization that provided free legal aid to low income individuals. Through his public legal aid career, Figueroa represented victims of domestic abuse and indigent clients seeking help with their estate planning. Figueroa, a native of Bayamón, Puerto Rico, holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration summa cum laude from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. For years he worked as a bookkeeper and seasonal tax specialist.

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