MA, LPC (Senior Counselor and Intern Admin)

Kaori believes in togetherness - that together, we can awaken and inspire each other to continue building upon our resilience, and taking one step forward at a time on our life paths. Together, rather than fearing the uncertainty, we can be hopeful, knowing that we've got each other's backs. Though we are here to serve our unique life purposes, we live in this world together. We are responsible for our own safety, as well as other’s. Kaori is an art therapist who lives by "No Mud No Lotus" in everything that she does; without taking risks or making mistakes, our canvas remains blank and untouched. Our experiences are what makes us capable of what we are today. Kaori invites others to bring in the "mud", and raise lotuses together to realize our next life goals, as well as recognize our ongoing abilities to learn new skills. In the mud, we explore, play, experiment and build. Through the mud, we grow even wiser, stronger and braver. In addition, as a yoga instructor, Kaori teaches to set our bodies on thrones with kindness, light and unlearn the comfortable habits. She values the beginner's mindset, as not one breath nor movement will ever repeat itself the exact same way again.

Kaori received her MA in Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Some of her previous experiences include providing art therapy in tattoo transformation work for individuals with gang affiliated, self-injury related, and/or other no longer desirable ink or scars, an OCD and anxiety treatment center, an autism therapeutic school, a VA harm reduction housing, juvenile detention center, as well as trauma work for families who were affected by a devastating earthquake in Japan.

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